Tooth Extractions Near You

At The Meadows Dental Clinic, our team strives to protect your natural teeth for as long as possible, but in some circumstances, the best way to protect your oral health is to extract a tooth. Tooth extractions near you are performed for various reasons, such as injury, gum disease, and tooth decay. Our team is happy to provide our patients with tooth extractions in SE Edmonton.

tooth extractions in se edmonton

When Are Tooth Extractions Required?

When you visit our dental clinic to determine if you require tooth extractions near you, our dentist will perform a complete evaluation of your mouth to detect any teeth that may require extraction. Our dentist may discover a tooth injury, abnormal growth patterns, or decay that warrants a tooth extraction.

How Are Tooth Extractions Performed?

The idea of getting your tooth extracted can be overwhelming and sounds much scarier than it truly is. Our dentist will begin by numbing the affected area with a local anesthetic to ensure that you do not feel any pain. They will then use a special tool to gently wiggle your tooth back and forth until it is loosened enough for our dentist to lift it out of its socket.

If the tooth that needs to be extracted is under the gum line, then our dentist will administer a local anesthetic before making a small incision in your gums to access and remove the affected tooth.

Healing After a Tooth Extraction

You may experience a small amount of discomfort after getting tooth extractions in SE Edmonton. Most of the time, over-the-counter pain medications such as ibuprofen will help alleviate this discomfort. You may also experience some swelling and pain for the first few days following your extraction. It is important to follow your dentist’s instructions for caring for the extraction site to ensure that you heal without any complications.

Should I Replace My Tooth After Extracting It?

In most cases, it is a good idea to replace a tooth that has been extracted. Missing teeth can lead to several oral health problems, such as shifting teeth and bone deterioration. At The Meadows Dental Clinic, our priority is to make sure that you feel confident and happy with the state of your oral health. Our dentist will communicate with you to ensure all your questions and concerns are addressed and provide options for tooth replacement if necessary.

If you are interested in tooth extractions near you, our dedicated team of dental professionals is happy to help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to book your appointment today.